ROYAL GROUP PAKISTAN., had been in Karachi from last 20 years. The ROYAL GROUP PAKISTAN., has successfully completed and handed over many residential and commercial projects.Most of the projects have been good investment for buyers, in terms of appreciation and return on investment.

The dynamic opportunities have allowed ROYAL GROUP PAKISTAN., to diversify its offerings for investors who see value in these projects.

We believe that tangible assets are the only investments you can trust, an investment that you can see and touch.

If you want an investment that is stable, one that delivers solid returns or you want an investment that will continue to grow then we can’t think of a better asset than real estate.

We will continuously improve each and every aspect of our business. It is our responsibility to ensure a sound level of financial success in order to make possible all of our other core beliefs and values and to give us greater flexibility in a continuously changing market and business environment.

Together we can achieve success!

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Suite No.1, Gulshan View Apartments, SB-17, Block 13-C, Gulshan-e-iqbal, Karachi.

021-34829989-8858 03341116000



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